MyNesting is free to download and nests just like traditional high-ticket price nesting software… however our service is a little different! Rather than charging you with large upfront fees, we only charge a small fee when you want to export nests from the MyNesting software. This means you only pay for what you need and no more!

Two different usage options are available with the MyNesting service:

Option 1

Nest Credits

Simply pay for your nesting as and when you need it – a great choice if you only need to nest occasionally. Our value bundles offer discounted pricing.

1 Nest Credit: $7.50
5 Credit Value Bundle: $32.50
($6.75 per credit)
10 Credit Value Bundle: $57.50
($5.75 per credit)
20 Credit Value Bundle: $100.00
($5.00 per credit)

NOTE: One nest credit provides one export from the software (it does not matter whether a nest job has 5 or even 500 sheets it still just costs 1 credit to export your solution).

Option 2

Unlimited Nesting Subscriptions

Export as many solutions from the software as you like during the subscription period from as little as $4 per day. Fantastic if you want to guarantee your costs or you know that you’ll need MyNesting more frequently.

30 Days Unlimited Nesting: $150.00
($5.00 per day)
90 Days Unlimited Nesting: $360.00
($4.00 per day)

Remember, the software is risk-free as you only pay a fee if you want to export your nests out of the software.

MyNesting not right for you? Check out our buy once product, NestFab.