Get Started

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

It’s quick and easy to get started! You should be up and running with the automatic nesting software on your own computer within minutes.

Follow this getting started guide:

  • 1

    Run the MyNesting Installer

    Firstly, you need the software on your PC so let's get the installer downloaded and running.

    Download Installer

  • 2

    Sign-up for your Free MyNesting Account

    Next up, we need to sign you up for a free MyNesting account. This will allow you to login to the MyNesting software (and also the user area on the MyNesting website).

    Sign-Up Here

  • 3

    Launch MyNesting

    Start MyNesting by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Sign into the software with your username and password.


    View the Demo Video